Herbaceous Perennial Hibiscus

Tuesday September 29, 2020

The herbaceous perennial hibiscus collection at Lincoln Park Zoo is comprised of 75 individual taxa represented by over 200 plants. The collection showcases the level of diversity created by cultivation and breeding of four species of North American native hibiscus: Hibiscus moscheutos, Hibiscus coccineus, Hibiscus laevis and Hibiscus grandiflorus. Herbaceous perennial hibiscus are popular within the horticulture industry and new cultivars continue to be developed resulting in over 135 individual taxa. The zoo plans to incorporate eighty taxa into our publically accessible display gardens to serve as a living library to verify taxon identity and to trial and share recommendations on performance and phenology for professional horticulturist and home gardeners alike. This collection has been defined as species and hybrids hardy to Chicago’s climate and is expected to continue in its longevity with anticipated climate change.


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