The workshop is different from a webinar as it is intended to be interactive like a class, with dialogue between attendees and presenter. Usually there is pre-reading or pre-material shared and an attendee list / a cap determined. 2+ hours, max 8 hours, virtual workshops require a small fee for attendance and may be sponsored to offset or fully cover costs. Considered a live event, unless components need to be pre-recorded, or video played.

How long is this event?  
2+ hours, max 8 hours

Who attends this event? How many people can attend?  
Members or non-members may attend. A cap between 25 to 75 ppl is determined based on presenter preference and presentation.

Will the event be available on-demand following the ‘event’?  
Please allow 48-72 hours after for recording to become available.   

What technology will be used to produce the event?   
Zoom Meeting is used in order to facilitate interaction between presenters and attendees. Break-out rooms may be requested.  

Interested in presenting a workshop?  

  • Contact your Community staff liaison with ideas for a webinar 8-12 weeks in advance. 
  • Speakers should be secured 6-8 weeks from event   
  • Registration information (including cap requirement and pre-readings) to Association Staff at least 5 weeks in advance
  • Registration and marketing of the event will be provided by Association staff   
  • If live, a test-run can be scheduled within 1 week of event, back-up plans must be made in the event of someone’s connection being lost 
  • *If pre-recording, must be pre-recorded minimum 2 weeks before event   
  • Presentation and any support materials should be received at least 24-48 hours prior   
  • Presenter and Staff should be on Zoom 30 min prior to the workshop start to test audio and visual