Goal 2: Professional Development

Offer quality educational resources and exemplary professional development opportunities to a diverse membership. 

Objective 2A

Expand Access: Expand and create diverse delivery channels to programs and resources that further members’ professional development
•    Expand scholarship opportunities to increase access for more members to advance their professional development
•    Identify content gaps that key programs could uniquely and critically fill
•    Increase access to professional development opportunities for the broadest possible member audience, through geographic, technological, messaging, or other means
•    Explore possibility of creating regional/national programming to provide content and promote programs at member gardens
•    Ensure events and services are accessible to gardens and members, recognizing their unique and critical needs

Objective 2B

Utilize and Create Professional Development Opportunities That Promote Industry Talent to Future Leadership Roles
•    Cultivate innovative and inclusive approaches for leadership development
•    Partner with others to promote entry into industry pipeline by talented and diverse individuals
•    Continue and expand peer mentoring opportunities
•    Encourage intentional efforts to embrace IDEA principles and increase opportunities for professional advancement
•    Identify, organize, and promote resources specific to emerging professionals

Objective 2C

Promote Connections: Provide suite of opportunities for diverse members to engage, serve, and build professional relationships
•    Provide resources and representation at regional and other garden collaboration events
•    Seek opportunities to strengthen and synergize communities so that members engage with greater frequency and ease
•    Encourage communities to seek authentic, productive, durable projects and to participate in knowledge sharing year-round
•    Refine and create new ways for community resources to be readily accessible and usable by a diverse membership