The Sentinel Plant Network is a partnership between the American Public Gardens Association and the National Plant Diagnostic Network funded by USDA Animal & Plant Health Inspection service (APHIS). Our mission is to contribute to plant conservation by engaging public garden professionals, volunteers and visitors in the early detection of serious plant pests and pathogens. We want to reposition Public Gardens as leaders in the battle against significant and invasive plant pests and diseases. We believe public gardens are in one of the best possible positions to make early detections of these significant threats, and we want to provide you with the tools and information you need to monitor for them.

To achieve these goals, we offer FREE regional professional development events to public garden professionals. At the workshop we will cover IPM and pest monitoring basics, update you on significant threats known to be active in the region, and introduce you to emerging threats not yet in the US, but which would have a severe impact were they to be introduced. There are no registration fees for our workshops, and we will reimburse your organization for travel and lodging costs. 


Upcoming Workshops

Northeast Regional Workshop

Southeast Regional Workshop