We are often faced with ethical quandaries in our professional lives, and charting the best course of action can be challenging. In the context of plant collections curation, such ethical conundrums may involve matters of collections monetization, cultural heritage, navigating regional and global treaties or regulations, and invasive plant or plant pest introductions. In this session, members of the Association’s Plant Collections Professional Section leadership team will guide participants through a hands-on exploration of ethics in a small-group setting. We will begin by introducing an ethical decisionmaking rubric and then participants will be divided into four breakout groups, each of which will be presented with real-life scenarios.

Presenters: S. Edelson, The Arboretum at Penn State, University Park,
Pennsylvania; B. Stormes, University of British Columbia Botanical Garden,
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; A. Henderson, Royal Botanical Gardens,
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; C. Newlander, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver,