For the safety of all guests and employees, the Botanical Garden will adhere to City and State requirements for re-opening the gates when the time is right. People need nature now more than ever as we re-emerge cautiously from the pandemic for their health and well-being. The San Antonio Botanical Garden will help our community heal through the comfort and respite of the gardens.

Like many across the country, the Botanical Garden learned to do things differently during COVID-19 as it pertained to operations, and as a result, will continue to emphasize them throughout the remainder of the year including but not limited to prioritizing sanitization, continued modified version of social distancing, garden cleanliness, touchless procedures, possible prevention of large gatherings in confined spaces, emphasize employees stay at home if sick, etc. This reopening operations plan is a subset of the Botanical Garden’s overarching COVID-19 Comeback Plan 2020.