Green Bay Botanical Garden continually strives to meet the wants and needs of its community, but these wants and needs are changing. In the summer of 2018, the Garden hosted its first internationally touring exhibit, and was surprised by the most popular ways that guests interacted with it. Following the exhibit, the Garden worked with a consulting firm to complete a comprehensive programming survey within many facets of the community, and discovered the types of programs and events, times of day, days of the week and more details about how the community wants to interact with the Garden. 

Explore what we learned from the exhibit and the survey, how we adjusted our programming to best reach the community, and results from the first summer of implementation. Participants will see survey questions, a synopsis of the results, our summer programming schedule, and attendance data from the first summer of implementation. We will also share the resources that we have used to learn more about other audience research.

Presenters: L. Gutske, Green Bay Botanical Garden, Green Bay, WI