2020 has been a challenging and transformative year for the cultural sector. When museums first closed their doors in March, no one could have predicted the profound era of disruption and change the COVID-19 pandemic would usher in for cultural institutions. Over the past 10 months, organizations have taken new approaches to community engagement, spearheaded innovative digital initiatives, scaled novel virtual programs, developed new revenue streams, and learned to serve audiences onsite in entirely new ways. As 2020 comes to a close, now is the time to reflect on the many setbacks and successes of the cultural sector this year.

Join Brendan Ciecko (CEO & Founder @ Cuseum), Scott Stulen (Director & President @ Philbrook Museum), Atiba Edwards (Executive VP & COO @ Brooklyn Children’s Museum) & Seema Rao (Deputy Director & Chief Experience Officer @ Akron Art Museum) for a conversation about the trials, triumphs, and transformation that cultural organizations have experienced in 2020. All four of these speakers have recently been celebrated as 2020 Museum Innovators in Blooloop – join them as they wrap up the year and explore the future of museums!