The Nationally Accredited Stewartia Collection at Polly Hill Arboretum (hereafter, the
Arboretum) advances the organization’s mission by advancing botanical research, plant
conservation, curatorial excellence, and collaborative partnerships. Temperate Stewartia thrive
at the Arboretum, and were a horticulturally important group to our founder, Polly Hill, who
selected and named nine cultivars.

This document serves to (1) provide a global summary and definition of the genus Stewartia,
including taxonomic treatment and cultivated resources, (2) document the historical development
of the Arboretum’s Stewartia collection, (3) define staff roles, extramural partners, and evaluate
opportunities/threats to the collection, and (4) enumerate specific objectives related to collection
development, their significance, and an action plan to achieve each objective.