Amur corktree has been identified by the Public Gardens as Sentinels against Invasive Plants working group as a plant of concern due to a growing number of botanic gardens and arboreta reporting on its ability to escape from cultivation.
Public gardens across North America are sharing their horticultural expertise to document cases of plants escaping from cultivation. The goal of this alert is to increase awareness of gardens’ observations about Amur corktree’s behavior within their properties and to recommend actions to reduce its capacity to spread. For the most current data on this taxon, visit the PGSIP website.

Recommended Actions
PGSIP urges these next steps for propagators, nurseries, landscape architects, invasive plant councils, and public gardens
 Remove fruit-bearing trees
 Eradicate spontaneous populations
 Develop and evaluate cultivars for reduced seed fertility
 Plant and sell only non-fruit bearing Amur corktrees
 Increase public garden reporting on Amur corktree