The Peirce Collection encompasses the original 202 acres owned by Joshua and Samuel Peirce. As more research is completed, trees believed to be of the time period 1798-1880, will be added to the collection. This will include woodland trees and specimen trees. Going forward the entire garden will be utilized for the display of the collection. This will allow proper planting of species that will not tolerate the shade of the original alleé. This collection includes varieties of trees representing the original intentions of the Peirce brothers. The collection currently consists of 50 taxa, as documented by the Peirce’s Park Map. In 1916, a survey completed by Pierre du Pont, showed 70 taxa present. In an effort to represent what the Peirce brothers collected in the 19th century, the collection will seek to add specimens from the 150 taxa that were known to be available and popular in that time period and this region in order to restore what was lost. For more information see Supporting Document: Taxa List