Do you want your organization to matter more to more people?

OF/BY/FOR ALL is a global movement and a set of tools to help your organization become of, by, and for your community.

We used OF/BY/FOR ALL thinking in Santa Cruz to transform a struggling museum into a vibrant community center. We’ve seen libraries, parks, theaters, and community institutions around the world use the same principles to become more relevant, resilient, and inclusive.

Now, we want to share these principles and tools with you.

The OF/BY/FOR ALL approach boils down to this formula:


What does this mean? It means that if you want to be FOR your whole community, you have to be representative OF them and co-created BY them. If people don’t see themselves as part of your work, they won’t see your work as an essential part of their lives.

Putting up a “welcome” sign is not enough. To involve people in meaningful, sustainable ways, you can’t just make programs FOR them. You have to involve them in their creation. And that means becoming OF and BY them too.

Ready to get started? Try the self-assessment.

Take 7 minutes to get a snapshot of where your organization struggles and shines when it comes to being of, by, and for your community. You’ll join over 1,000 people in 45 countries who have tried the assessment so far.

Nervous about what you’ll find? Don’t be. We all have work to do. From the 1,000+ self-assessments thus far, we’re seeing huge opportunities for growth for all of us, especially when it comes to becoming OF and BY our communities.

For example, out of over 1,000 respondents…

Only 18% say their board is representative OF their communities.

Only 30% say their staff is representative OF their communities.

Only 13% say more than half their public programs are co-created BY community partners.

As a result, only 23% of organizations say they are effectively creating experiences FOR their diverse communities.

If you want to change this, you can. We know you can. And we’re here to help. We’ve made these changes in our own work as practitioners, and now we’re building a network of organizations of all sizes and sectors that are doing it too. OF/BY/FOR ALL will strengthen your community and your organization. Join us.

Go here and take the self-assessment now: