Links of Interest:

APHIS's Hungry Pests Site (FAQ pages, photos, pest tracker maps, reporting & mgmt tips)

Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health

Bugwood Wiki


Pest Tracker

International Society of Arboriculture

National Site for USDA Regional IPM Centers (Crop Profiles, Pest Alerts, Mgmt Research, etc.)

Emerald Ash Borer University (Webinars, publications, etc.)

Beetle Busters (Asian longhorned beetle FAQs, educational materials, games)

Texas Invasives (Invasive species info specific to Texas)


Pest/Pathogen National Newsletters:

National Plant Diagnostic Network – National Newsletter

USDA's APHIS PPQ Stakeholder's Registry


Newsletters by region and state:



IL – The Morton Arboretum's Plant Health Care Report

IL – The University of Illinois Home, Yard & Garden Pest Newsletter

KY – University of Kentucky, Kentucky Pest News



MA – UMass Landscape Message

NY – "Branching Out," an IPM Newsletter by Cornell Dept of Plant Pathology and Cornell

Cooperative Extension


Western Region

Western Plant Diagnostic Network Newsletter and Pacific Pest Detector

AK – University of Alaska, Extension, IPM (Insects and Diseases)

AZ – Arizona Plant Diagnotic Network (Pest Alerts)

CA – University of California IPM "Green Bulletin"

CA – LA County Agricultural Commissioner's Dept.

HI – Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture, Plant Pest Control Information (bottom of page)

WA – Washington State University Extension (Plant Pests and Diseases)



NC – Dr. Steven Frank's website "Insect Ecology and Integrated Pest Management"

Follow Dr. Frank's EcoIPM on Twitter

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