Botrytis is widely considered to be one of the costliest diseases in greenhouse ornamental production—and deservedly so, since it’s also known as a high-risk pathogen for its potential to develop fungicide resistance. It’s a challenge many growers encounter when their trusted fungicides stop performing like they used to.
In this free webinar, guest experts Dr. Aaron Palmateer and Dr. Janna Beckerman will provide the latest insights on:

– The most current research in Botrytis management
– Topline results from research trials on fungicide efficacy for Botrytis control
– Details on the new fungicide Broadform, by Bayer, a new resistance management tool and specialized solution for control of Botrytis and other key bedding plant pathogens, including Alternaria, Anthracnose Myrothecium, powdery mildew and Septoria.

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