The Missouri Botanic Garden (MBG) strategic plan is a great example for new and emerging gardens or gardens in the process of having to go through another strategic planning process and want to look at another botanical gardens goals, values, and vision. 

The goals of the MBG Strategic Plan are to:

-Map the current and emerging stakeholders of the Garden (in the scientific,
conservation, horticultural and education communities and beyond). Identify
how the Garden is most relevant to their objectives and interests.

-Assess our research portfolio and ensure sufficient prioritization of projects
that connect plant conservation with top human wellbeing and sustainability
challenges. (Also assess the alignment of the portfolio with funding trends.)

-Secure and enhance our standing as a world-class botanical garden by
investing in the continued development of collections and displays.

-Enhance our leadership of global policy and research initiatives that are
critical to achieving the world’s plant conservation efforts.

-Challenge the Garden team to further integrate research, conservation,
horticulture and education, capitalizing on the Garden’s most important

-Demonstrate our commitment to our region by expanding our local portfolio
of innovative, urgent and compelling plant conservation, education and
sustainability initiatives.

-Establish a College of Horticulture to share our innovative approach to plant
conservation with future leaders