Are your crops suffering from chronic exposure to chemical residues in your water? Are your plants’ roots being starved of oxygen? This free GrowerTalks webinar will explore both aspects of water quality. Our expert, professor Paul Fisher of the University of Florida, works closely with industry and university colleagues in two projects called the Floriculture Research Alliance ( and CleanWater3 ( He often partners with growers to deal with water quality issues.

In this webinar, Dr. Fisher share the latest research on:

– Pesticides and plant growth regulators, which can accumulate in recirculated irrigation water and affect subsequent crops. Paul will discuss granular activated carbon filters and other technologies to remove agrichemicals

– Understand the role of dissolved oxygen in irrigation water and the root zone. Paul will discuss how oxygen levels change in water, various technologies to increase dissolved oxygen, and the importance of irrigation and container substrate on oxygen supply to roots

To view this webinar, follow this link: