Learn the latest in organic farming practices and research by attending or watching an eOrganic Webinar. 

In 2017 the Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) and the Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA) presented a series of six webinars on organic seed production. The webinars covered crop planning, trails and selection, diseases and pests, seed quality and harvesting, recordkeeping, and seed policy. 

Another webinar series was targeted to small to mid size vegetable seed companies and horticultural researchers. Considering the transition from clipboard to tablet? This series of 3 webinars by Michael Mazourek of Cornell University will provide user friendly strategies to getting started with digital data collection and setting up your breeding or trial program with a barcode based system.  The system is designed to utilize off-the-shelf solutions such as standard spreadsheets and instruments that can be purchased from familiar scientific suppliers.