Denver Botanic Gardens’ School Programs team will present an overview of their distance learning programming that is delivered both virtually and in person to PreK-12 classrooms, libraries, family nights, and after school programs. Our Cultivation Cruiser program has delivered outreach programming to PreK-12 classrooms in Colorado for over a decade. 

Along with a PowerPoint presentation and samples of our curriculum and materials from our Cultivation Cruiser programming, we will share successes and challenges in implementing our new virtual program along with our technology recommendations. We will also demonstrate a “live” virtual program to the audience. We will lead a discussion on how gardens can implement distance learning appropriate for their institution, including topics such as how to adapt on-site programming to off-site environments, set up a virtual program, meet state education standards, and work with diverse populations. We will also share strategies to involve families and accommodate English language learners.

Presenters: K. Bell, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver, CO; K. Gaeth, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver, CO; L. Olson, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver, CO