The Plant Collections Network coordinates plant germplasm preservation and promotes excellence in plant collections management. Its written application and peer review process is the recognized standard among public gardens seeking Nationally Accredited Plant Collections™. The Standards of Excellence in plant collections management can serve as a guide for all public gardens. A companion self-assessment tool is being beta tested by several gardens with emerging, new, and established collections. These gardens were chosen for their diversity of governance, size, budget, location, and mission. This session will raise awareness of the Standards and share how gardens can utilize the new self-assessment tool to advance their collections programs. The process is led by the Plant Collections Network Committee and reviewed by Network participants.

Presenters: S. Hedean, Smithsonian Gardens, Washington, District of
Columbia; C. Salvador, Santa Fe Botanical Garden, Santa Fe, New Mexico; C.
George, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas; K.
Lukowski, Juniper Level Botanic Garden, Raleigh, North Carolina