Series Description: Our Forest Health Signs provide information about eight different species of forest pests and pathogens. Each forest pest has two signs in the series, a Big Picture sign, and a Closer Look sign. We encourage you to order both signs in the series. These signs are developed with funds from the US Forest Service.

Sign Type: This Closer Look sign describes the host plants for this forest pest, its life cycle, and the mechanics of an attack on a tree.

Sign Size: 24”x18”

Product Description: Metal sign composed of aluminum composite material. Matte finish.  Expect 3-5 years of usage outdoors depending on environmental conditions.

Mounting Options Descriptions:

  • Four Corner Holes: Adding four corner holes allows you to install these outdoor metal signs with screws on walls, posts, or other surfaces. Screws/bolts not included.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Mounting Tape Description: This mounting tape is a weather resistant, double-sided, conformable tape. Can be used on a variety of surfaces such as painted concrete, brick, or drywall, metal, painted/finished wood, smooth stone, acrylic, glass, and tile.
  • Black Metal Sign Holder: This real estate sign frame holds a 24″ wide x 18″ tall real estate sign and a 24″x 6″ rider.  You will bolt the aluminum sign to it for a more permanent installation. Bolt holes (14-1/2″ on center). Bolts not included.  42″ total height.

Shipping: We print these signs to order and ship them directly to your garden.