Thursday August 30, 2018

All of Longwood Gardens’ Boxwood Collection consists of Buxus sempervirens, Buxus sempervirens ssp. hyrcana, and Buxus balearica collected directly from within their native range or of plants having a documented wild origin.  In addition, the collection represents great geographic and genetic diversity. The collection’s goal is to preserve the diversity of boxwood growing in the wild, and use this diversity for the purposes of research, education, and ornamental display.

The culture of boxwood on the site that is now Longwood Gardens has a long history. The Peirce family first planted boxwood in their arboretum in the 18th century and Pierre S. du Pont continued the extensive use of boxwood when he acquired the property in 1906. In particular, boxwood has been a valued component of the Main Fountain Garden since its inception. Longwood has also participated in many expeditions collecting boxwood from the wild in order to evaluate their ornamental characteristics and enhance displays.


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