Director at Large

I am very passionate about connecting people with plants and I have an innate desire to continue learning about the diversity of plants and their interactions within native habitats. My expertise in horticulture and botany comes from working at Public Gardens like, Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden (CA), Quarryhill Botanical Garden (CA) and, my current position as the Director of Horticulture at Historic London Town and Gardens (MD). I have two Masters Degrees one in Botany from University of Mumbai and one in Horticulture from Kansas State University. At Kansas State University, my research focused on weed ecology and Turf grass management, but the classes I took in designing of parks and recreational areas and landscape design, drew me to Public gardens and they have been one of the best platforms for me to connect people with plants. Most importantly, I like teaching young adults and children to draw their attention to the diversity of the plant world. I have thoroughly enjoyed designing education programs and garden workshop for children K-5 at Montessori schools and University of Akron. Plant diversity, sustainable landscape design, weed ecology and, ex-situ conservation are few of the subjects I am extremely passionate about, and I absolutely enjoy utilizing all mediums of outreach to connect these subjects with people of all ages . On my spare time, I enjoy going on nature walks with my family and exploring different habitats. The Mid-Atlantic continues to fascinate me, and I am always eager to explore new landscapes inland or by the bay.

Meenal Harankhedar