Plant Protection Program Assistant

Joshua has been serving as Plant Protection Program Assistant since February 2022. In this role, he reviews, edits, and translates educational materials in Spanish for the Plant Heroes® youth education program. Additionally, he writes bilingual social media posts. Plant Heroes® creates innovative resources to help public garden professionals, parents and teachers educate young learners about the importance of plants and to spark their curiosity in becoming agents of positive environmental change.

Additionally, Joshua works as a Scientific Aid for the California Department of Water Resources. His previous professional experience includes serving as an Environmental Educator for an organic community garden in Sacramento, CA, where they grow crops, as well as some native plants! Prior to that, he led habitat restoration efforts at Wind Wolves Preserve, Bakersfield, CA. As a Peace Corps member, he collaborated with community leaders and local agencies to improve environmental education, sustainable agriculture, and waste management strategies in La Laguna de Pocrí, Panamá (Central America).

Joshua has a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science which is similar to Environmental Science. He has over 10 years of formal classroom instruction in the Spanish language in México, Panamá, and California.

Jose Gallo