The Chicago Botanic Garden is excited to announce the hiring of Jessica Goehler as the garden’s curator.

Goehler bring more than 20 years of experience in the public gardens and horticulture industry with recent positions held at the Filoli Historic House and Garden and as the plant recorder at Chicago Botanic Garden.

After completing a bachelor’s of arts in plant biology at Ohio University, Goehler obtained a masters of arts in Urban Geography at Chicago State University. Goehler’s experience in the horticulture industry has included a diverse array of work including ecological garden design, seed collecting for the National Park Service, management of collections databases, and production nursery management. Goehler currently serves as the vice-chair for the association’s Plant Nomenclature and Taxonomy Community.

Curation of the living plant collection at the Chicago Botanic Garden includes the development, integration, and utilization of more than 13,000 unique taxa maintained in 27 gardens across a 385-acre campus.

“I am honored and excited to take on this dynamic role and be a part of the artistry and science that makes up the Chicago Botanic Garden,” Goehler says.


“Jess is passionate about horticulture and plant conservation; her experience and enthusiasm for the industry will be essential to the Garden continuing to expand and develop our plant collections,” adds Phil Douglas, Director, Plant Collections.