The redesign of the Green Roof of Infonavit, developed by CICEANA in collaboration with CONViVe and Tecnosfera, won the National Design Award: Mexico Design 2018 contest on November 8, 2018. The project won the Best Project award, in the subcategory of Social / Professional Spaces, and the prize of Absolute Winner, in the category Design of Experiences and Interior Spaces / Professional.

This award aims to recognize companies, institutions and designers who have developed innovation through the strategic use of design, thus improving the quality of life of people and increasing the competitiveness of companies and institutions. The award also seeks to recognize good design and innovation generated in products, services and systems.

The green roof, located in the headquarters building of the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (INFONAVIT) in Mexico City, is designed to create a responsible architectural and landscaped space, reflecting the institution's social and environmental commitments. In this place, visitors can admire a valuable collection of plants, 146 species and national varieties, including forest and fruit trees. The most important thing is that a dialogue can be established among its visitors on sustainability in cities and the conservation of biodiversity, while achieving two goals: the architectural one of building for the present and the future; and the environmental one of raising awareness in the present to protect the future.

On an area of ​​5,265.51 m2, of which 2,470 m2 are intended for nature, the design includes spaces for outdoor activities for visitors, such as pedestrian walkways, jogging track, living areas and green areas to contemplate. A video of the green roof was produced in the award submission process. View the video here.