This course, offered in collaboration between NC State University and the North Carolina Botanical Garden, will equip students with the ability to manage therapeutic horticulture programs for a wide variety of sites and populations. Students will learn the various duties of a TH program manager, practice developing a program proposal with all necessary elements, and be acquainted with the budget, funding, and marketing skills required for program management. Students will also learn how to document and evaluate a program’s outcomes, as well as how to build program sustainability. Students will research, discuss, and reflect on the multiple facets of TH program management, incorporating their personal strengths into the assignments and will be provided with references and resources to build their competency in program management.

The Introduction to Therapeutic Horticulture course is a pre-requisite to this course, as foundational knowledge of TH is required to be successful in this course.This is a fully online, self-paced, non-credit course. The 6-week course supports weekly, active, online engagement among students through engaging discussion forums and assignments. There is open access 24/7 plus an additional six months of resource materials access after the course formally ends.

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