December’s IDEA Lounge will be a facilitated, participant-driven space for discussing whatever IDEA-related topics are on your mind. In the interest of closing out the year on a high note, we hope to make this IDEA Lounge a space for people to share success stories from this year as we build new communities, new relationships and new possibilities. Some thought questions and suggestions to get the ideas flowing are below, but by no means is it a comprehensive list of what we can discuss in this time.
Please remember we are building a safer space in the Lounge, so we are expected to respect each other’s identities and boundaries, and to consciously avoid making assumptions about each other. Please also keep in mind that confidentiality is important to the safer space–“What’s said here stays here; what’s learned here leaves here” is a suggested guideline. We hope to see you there!
Questions to consider:
•  What IDEA goals did you make progress on this year?
•  Which relationships have been supportive and helpful for you this year in your IDEA journey?
•   How have you shown up for others in the IDEA space?