The Finance & Operations Community is very excited to announce our upcoming Town Hall on January 11, 2024, please plan to join us!

You know the story. You’re building a new building or buying a large capital item and you need to raise the capital necessary to fund the project. So, you raise enough money to buy/build the project and maybe some internal costs on the front end and you go forward. Now, you have a new building or a new piece of equipment and the warranty period expires. All of a sudden, your repair and maintenance costs explode and you haven’t addressed these costs in your ask.

We’ll begin the discussion about addressing fundraising needs of a project and dealing with objections from your operations and financial teams, your Board and your donors. Learn what other gardens are doing (or not) to address these issues. This problem grows exponentially over time (good way to blow up your operating budget!). This timely discussion should be of great interest to your garden.