Help your vistors learn more about western bark beetles (western pine beetle, Douglas fir beetle, and fir engraver)! This sign covers the host plants for these important forest pests, their life cycle, and the mechanics of an attack on a tree.

Product description: 4-color printed vinyl, applied to one side of an aluminum / polyethylene core sandwich. These ⅛” thick signs are lightweight and weather resistant. Signs can be easily drilled for mounting holes enabling their attachment to metal stakes, wood, etc.  Expect 3-5 years of usage depending on environmental conditions.

Outdoor mounting tape description: This outdoor mounting tape is a weather resistant, double-sided, conformable tape. Can be used on a variety of surfaces such as painted cement or brick, glass, metal, tile, ceramic and more. Can hold up to 5-pound weight. 1-Inch holds a 1/4-pound, 4-Inch hold 1-pound. Measures 60-Inch length by 1-Inch width in size.

Metal sign holder:  This real estate sign frame holds an 24" wide x 18" tall real estate sign and a 24"x 6" rider. See example here.  

More specifications:
3/4" angle iron construction
Black finish
Easy slide-in panel installation
Bolt holes (14-1/2" on center)
42" Height
Holds up to 1/4" thick sign

Developed with funds from the U.S. Forest Service